Slave to fear?

July 23, 2019


Want to live free?




Free of fear, worry, or failure?




I know I have been guilty of walking in fear at times, especially when I am stepping outside my comfort zone!




👉You see, our brains love to be comfortable. They love routine!




👉Whenever our brain faces uncertainty, it causes a stress response to happen, so we tend to avoid uncertainty at all costs.




👉But are we really free if we are living as slaves to fear? I would venture to say the answer is, NO!




👉When we are living in our comfort zone, we are living in a bubble.....trapped in the monotony of life.




👉What if we got comfortable being uncomfortable and tried something new?




👉What if we looked at failure as a growth opportunity instead of an attack on our pride?




What will you try today despite your fear?




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