"Hot Mess"

June 30, 2019


I was listening to a sermon where the pastor brought up this topic of being a hot mess. He used this statement in a slightly different context, but it got me thinking.




Are you a "hot mess"?




What is a "hot mess"? One contemporary urban dictionary describes a hot mess as a "beautiful or attractive disaster".




When I heard that definition, I began to ponder what my life was like when I was striving and seeking the approval of man. I knew Jesus, I served Him, I talked about Him, I loved Him, but there was something missing. All was great on the outside, but there was something not quite right on the inside. Yes, I was a hot mess!




You see, we have an enemy within that we all have to battle. There is a war raging in our minds; imminent disaster. I was believing lies and it was wreaking havoc internally. I was carrying around baggage that I was not meant to carry. Giving people's opinions power over me and it was robbing my joy in Christ.




Thankfully, after going through the Promised Land Living course, I was given the tools to combat the lies and identify the battle that was raging within.




This group coaching program provides a safe place to be authentic. A place to be the real you and to discover the freedom and abundant life Christ wants for you. It's a no judgment zone for those who want to enter the battle and renew your thinking.




Come join us in the Promised Land! The Land flowing with milk and honey. A place of community, love, acceptance, a place where there is no more pretending, and a place of deep growth in Christ. https://www.livingfulllifecoaching.com/promised-land-living






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