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Imagine Prayers that Reach the Heart

End the uninspiring dinner time prayers today and speak prayers that are relevant and ignite a conversation with your family.


Find out what they are really thinking with the discussion question and talk through it with Scripture.  Get this FREE GUIDE!

Inspiration for the Prayer Guide

In my work with Christian parents, I've found that many parents have the same dinnertime struggles.  They desire to build up their kid's faith but continue to fall back into the habit of praying the same old canned prayers every night!

They tell me that their kids sit there with fork and knife in hand just waiting to dig into the food and tuning it all out! Many describe their prayers as disengaging, dry and they want more for their family!

There had to be a better way to reach them and start meaningful dinnertime discussion and they asked me for help!

My prayer is that this FREE guide will empower you to build a stronger more meaningful relationship with God while engaging your children in dinnertime discussion.

This guide is meant to spur you on to create your own prayers and discussion questions from Scripture to build your family up during feeding time!

I've included 31 days of prayers, Scripture, and discussion questions, so you can enjoy watching the gratitude and character grow in your child.