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Are you looking for a dynamic speaker that will make your next event a stunning success? Do you want entertaining and educational training that will leave your attendees raving long after the event? We've got you covered.

When you hire Living Full Life Coaching for your conference, company, lunch and learns, or church event, you don’t just get a bland, canned presentation. We customize every message specifically for your audience in order to achieve your desired outcomes. We get to know your organization, and your attendees, so that the message creates long-lasting results. Only material that is relevant to your audience is considered.

Living Full Life Coaching's straight-from-the-heart delivery, passion and energy, inspires audiences to go beyond their real and perceived limitations… and into step into their God-given potential. With charisma, warmth and humor, Living Full Life Coaching, delivers the right message for your unique audience.

As a premier Keynote Speaker and leading authority on neuroscience, Living Full Life Coaching is a sought-after presenter who translates theory into bottom-line results for her clients. Rest assured, your people will love it. And they will be inspired to achieve more for themselves, your organization, and your clients.

Our speaking schedule fills quickly, so we encourage you to contact us so we can set up a 15-minute call to determine if we are a good fit for each other.

Speaking Topics: 

  • How to Develop the Core Mental Muscles to Thrive in Challenging Times
  • Blaze New Trails:  Change Your Patterns and Habits for Good
  • Teen Suicide Prevention: Connect to Affect

Thinking About Your Thinking Using Neuroscience


Resilience & Wellness Training Using Neuroscience


Mindfulness & Intentionality Using Neuroscience


Communication in the Workplace Using Neuroscience


Building Trust Incorporating Neuroscience


Breaking Conversational Patterns and Barriers in the Workplace Using Neuroscience


Conflict Resolution Training Using Neuroscience


Your STRENGTHS and Leadership Using Neuroscience


Team Work-Life Balance Using Neuroscience


Workplace Productivity Using Neuroscience


Parenting with Intention Using Neuroscience (Teens, Tweens, & Twenty-Somethings)


Spiritual Formation Using Neuroscience


What People Are Saying:

Deb N
New Jersey

"I lost my joy in life, between covid and my family's struggle  my feelings went numb. I was “just there”. No excitement to plan new things, or to set and accomplish goals, or do the big things I've always wanted.   It is as if  I have just been going thru the motions of the day.

Doreen helped me to look inside myself and get to the root of the problem. 

I've learned how to access the power within myself, change my patterns and my confidence increased because I have tools going forward."





Jen N
North Carolina

"As a woman in a corporate environment, I felt a lot of pressure. The second I got home, the tug of war began with my family. I was frustrated and didn't know how to balance it all without yelling and screaming to get them to listen. I felt like I was alone trying to juggle it all. I was sick and tired of being ruled by my emotions and repeating the same mistakes over and over again and not know how to move forward.

Working with Doreen changed everything. She helped me balance all the spinning plates and we designed strategies for gaining buy-in at home. Our family now functions as a family and I'm really clear-minded, instead of always feeling guilty. I'm no longer exhausted because I'm trying to be everything to everyone and can unplug when I get home and enjoy my family."

Jaime S.
New Jersey

"In just a month, my thinking has become more positive and I am finally taking control of my life.

Doreen is honest, encouraging, and insightful. She helps guide you through your decisions and makes you see things in yourself that you were not aware of before. Doreen gives you the tools to stay organized, build your confidence, and reach your goals.

I've learned how to dig deep internally to create balance and influence others more effectively."





Lee H.

"I am better able to step back and notice where thoughts and emotions are coming from. I am better able to accept that I’m not superwoman and this isn’t all on me, as I use the practical tools Doreen provides to stop people-pleasing and find my voice.

Before working with Doreen, I felt like I was in constant internal battle. I learned how to react less based on my emotions and become intentional with my words and actions. Now, I'm able to recognize when my brain is getting hacked."






Andrea S.
New Jersey

"I needed help believing that I was ENOUGH. I needed help understanding God's love for me and how to connect with Him in a way that felt real. You facilitated that for me...Amazing stuff!

My teens are 18 and 15 and the result of Doreen’s coaching is our now more harmonious home!  I spent a lot of time nagging and controlling my family to get them to cooperate. It was exhausting! I also struggled with guilt because I wanted to build stronger relationships with them and I felt shut out!

Doreen's group coaching helped me prepare my children to be responsible young adults and connect with them! She provided a whole toolbox of tools to choose from and I get to use them daily. It truly changed the whole dynamic in our home!"

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