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Promised Land Living

Promised Land Living changed my life and it can change yours too!

I was training to become a Professional Life Coach after being out of the workforce for almost 20 years.  With this training, came a self awareness that I had turned back to Egypt (busyness, people pleasing, comparison and striving).  A friend who recently went through the Promised Land Living Group Coaching, told me about it and I followed God's lead to join.  

Through this group coaching program, I learned about the lies that were holding me back from entering into full rest and abundant life with Christ.  It was exciting to have a process of how to combat the lies.  Having taught Bible studies for the last couple of decades, I had the head knowledge, I had a love for the Lord that was deep, but there was still something missing. I wanted desperately to grow and rid myself of the baggage I was carrying around with me and Promised Land Living Process helped me to leave the bags behind. 

I was introduced to some incredible women from all around the nation, as we met "face-to-face" for 13 weeks through Zoom (if you aren't familiar with Zoom - it looks like the Brady Bunch online, where participants can see and hear one another). We laughed. We cried. We shared. We grew. I learned how to overcome the lies of the enemy and step into MY promised land where God had called me to live.

I am honored to now be an official Certified Promised Land Living Coach.  It's a 13-week, confidential, group coaching experience that takes you on a distinct journey through the Bible. This particular group is for ladies only, but there are also groups for men, lead by men! There are only 8 spots available.

*It is possible, based on the number of women who sign up, that I will be co-presenting with Robin Fuller, a fellow coach presenter for Promised Land Living.



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