Fear, uncertainty, and racing thoughts may be consuming you right now in the midst of this chaos.  I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way!  You can have peace in the midst of uncertainty.


You see, uncertainty has a way of triggering our brains to go into a fight, flight, freeze or faint mode! Our brains go into a spin cycle with our thoughts running the show.


When our thoughts are focused in the wrong places and on the wrong things, we feel panic.

I'm inviting you to come to learn so ways to refocus your mind and fix your eyes on the Author and Finisher of your faith!


What we'll cover:

  • Why your brain is reacting this way & how you can change it?

  • Ways to manage your emotions & their effects.

  • Where to find your footing when you are feeling unstable

  • How Christ directs and uses us in the midst of chaos

Being Calm in the Chaos