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You are stronger than you know In Him

What do you do when your challenges pile up high?

When faced with challenges and uncertainty, I head to the One that is certain! The One who never changes. The One who is my Rock and Strong-tower!

When we go through life thinking that trouble is not going to come, we are fooling ourselves. He says, 'take heart, in this world you will have trouble, but He has overcome' (Jn 16:33) and why did He tell us this? So we might have peace in the midst of the storm.

We can trust that He wants to provide that peace if we are willing to humble ourselves and receive it!

What keeps us from receiving that peace? When I worry, thinking that my worry can control the outcome of a situation, I am not trusting.

When I am anxious over protecting my reputation, my belongings, or anything that God has given to me, I am not trusting.

When I feverishly look for the answers from the world, I am not trusting but trying to control.

What area of your life are you trying to control?

To be honest, I had a rough week. There have been several challenges and the last one was the straw that broke me!

So what did I do? Well, first I had a cry day! Yup, I'm blessed to have a friend that saw my ugly cry and she loved me, listened to me, and pointed me to my Strong-Tower!

Then, I exercised, straightened my crown and reminded myself that I am a daughter of the King!

I remember that He is my protector; He is my everything. He owns it all. He gives and take away. He loves me and tells me when I am "weak, He is strong".

So I remember the truth and silence the lies as I trust Him with all of my life once again.

What do you need to remember today?

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PS: Promised Land Living Course is starting 1/28 on Tuesdays from 1-3pm EST. If you want to come experience His power in a deeper way, you have 4 days to join us!


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