What's your force?

‘Love is the force that will bring about change in our world. ‘

Love does not demand. Love is kind. Love is patient. Love is not easily angered. (Love is never violent) Love is not rude. Love does not boast. Love does not rejoice with evil. It delights in the truth. God is love. He did not tolerate wrongdoing but did not force us or demand us to believe in Him or agree with Him.

Aren’t you thankful that His lovingkindness is what draws us to Him?

Not His wrath, not force but by His loving kindness.

He was a respecter of persons. Of every person whether they agreed with Him or not. He allowed others space and freedom to decide what to believe.

Why? Because true love is an inside out job. It starts in our hearts.

Oh yes, we can force others to conform externally, but NO TRUE CHANGE will happen like that. True change is only possible through love, the only “force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend”.

Today we remember a man of FAITH who believed in this love. His faith and love are what spurred on his leadership of the American Civil rights movement. He never abandoned that love to advance an agenda. He was a faithful servant of the highest God.

Let us follow his example to love because He knew the One who places love in our hearts and changes the works from the inside out.

How can you be the change you wish to see today? #livingfulllifecoaching

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