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What is He accomplishing in you?

It's International Christian Coach's Day!

When thinking about this Pandemic, this quote really spoke to my heart! Could it be that God is allowing this pain, our discomfort, and sadly much suffering to accomplish what He loves?

Without this crisis, we would not have stopped as a Nation to discover the things that really matter to us.

It reminded me of this metaphor that is sticking with me and I can't get it out of my head. It's a picture of a house. This house is running at a great pace, day after day! The house has a hole in the roof, but the owner says, I'll get to that another time......it's not important now....it "isn't that bad". Of course, it wasn't important when the sun was shining, however, when the rains came, the owner sat wishing he would have taken action sooner.

You see, before the virus, things were going along.......we were all busy. When we are busy (the shining sun) and things are status quo, there is no need to act. We might feel the nudge to get deeper in our relationships and to influence our teens intentionally, but the busyness drowns out the nudge.

Has this forced slow down awaken that nudge for you? It has for me and so many others that I have spoken to! The rain (the virus) has caused me to see the things I've been avoiding address for quite some time. Things that the busyness has been drowning out.

What this virus has done is that it exposed the areas of weakness in our roofs, in our relationships, in our discipleship of our kids! The problem was always there, it's just been magnified.

Are you ready to tackle that roofing project yet? If so, I'd love to walk alongside you on this journey! I'd love to help you make a difference under your roof!

Don't wake up one day with regrets! You can choose to make a big difference in your teen's life, now!

The doors are closing to the founding membership price on May 8th(today) to the Ride the Waves Mama! Membership group for parents of teens who want to get through this crisis stronger as a family. It's for those who want to get through this with grit and grace. For those who want to successfully hold on to the good that has come from this even though life looks very different now!

We begin our Journey on May 18th from 1-3 pm EST!

Will you be part of this? I hope so because you belong!

If you are interested in the Founding Member price and beginning those roofing repairs, private message me this offer expires as midnight tonight.....!

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