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What are the symptoms?

Never before have we faced such thought influencing technology at our fingertips 24/7!

Our teens have been raised with a cell phone, IPad, video games, streaming television, youtube videos, and computerized programs since childhood. They would not know how to live without them......

There are so many great things about technology, so don't get me wrong, I'm not recommending throwing it all out......it's actually impossible to turn back now without isolating yourself in a monastery!

So what can we do as parents of teens to help them manage the technology?

~Know that technology is here to stay

~Learn the psychology behind what is exploiting our human vulnerability

~Understand that your attention is money for these companies

~Recognize that some of these technologies are enhancing and creating further division in our society by feeding us news that will validate our viewpoint....what this does is closed off creative problem solving and the ability to empathize with other points of view.

~Understand that everything you read is NOT TRUTH....you are being fed news based on psychological profiling to increase your confirmation bias!

~Become aware that this constant distraction is keeping you from being with those you love the most. We have become a distracted society and many parents come to me with regrets after their teens move out of the home.

~Recognize that our teens are constantly seeking social approval from their devices......hence the increase in cutting, anxiety, depression, and suicide.

~Be open to the fact that we are in this world together. One side of the aisle has not caused this problem. The problem has been caused by Us ALLOWING OURSELVES TO BE HACKED! It's time for us to take ownership.

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