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Violence is not the answer

Today I want to briefly address "violent protests".

Let me begin by saying that I am a highly empathetic & sensitive white privileged woman. I feel deeply the pain and the joy of others and I am feeling the pain of our country right now.

Yesterday, I spoke about what I don't know and the things I do know. Today, I'd like to approach this discussion from a scientific perspective.

For those who think Violent protests will get the outcome they desire, I'm here to tell you that violence is not the answer and I have neuroscience research to back that up.

Whenever our brains feel like they are in a threatening situation, they respond like they were wired to respond.

Our brains respond in an automatic way of self protection. We react to protect, and guard our perceived rights, thoughts, and physical safety.

Regardless of who the perpetrator of the violence, the anger, the rage or the yelling is, at that very moment, the perpetrator is the enemy. The threat is the enemy.

I don't know about you, but I know that I never listen to my percieved enemies without intentionally abiding in the Spirit.

I know that this is true in parenting and in all relationships. In order to be HEARD under stressful circumstances one needs to connect respectfully with another, (this releases feel good hormones that calm the brain's threat center). Once a respectful connection is established, you can begin a respectful dialogue.

Here is the caveat, once name calling, shame, blame, fingerprinting, rage, yelling or anger re-enters the scene, we are back at step one....threat mode. Enemy attack.

So today, I'm here to tell you that violent protests, angry protests and hatred will not accomplish what you desire. Those who participate in this behavior are losing the moment to be heard.

Peaceful dialogue amongst Spirit filled people must pave the way for this discussion to move forward in a productive way.

How can you participate in a peaceful discussion and listening session today and make a difference?

~Doreen Steenland~

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