Unity: NOT Uniformity

Since the beginning of 2021, we have been hearing a ton about unity. I agree that we should have unity of Spirit amongst us, especially as a nation.

What is unity? Merriam Webster defines unity as "a condition of harmony". It is being "together, in oneness". It is the opposite of division. This definition requires agreement by both sides.....harmony can only exist in the place between chaos and rigidity.

In order to have harmony, we must live without hate, arguing, or fighting with those we have differences from, we must be willing to exist with others who are different than us without forcing uniformity.

Uniformity defines as sameness, the absence of variation, difference, or diversity. Uniformity is something that is forced and coerced onto others.

Uniformity is a dangerous place to be because robs us of our unique, God-given essence, personality, gifts, and talents. Uniformity leads to extremism and will never bring unity. We were never called to all look alike, think alike, and speak alike! How boring would that be? We all have unique roles we need to carry out in order to live harmoniously with others.

What needs to change about the way we discuss unity?

How can you put water on the fire, instead of fanning the flame?

How can you be a part of that change today?

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