Thinking about your thinking & decisions

💥Thinking about your Thinking & Decisions! Part 3: Emotions and how to manage them! Thursday, March 4th, 2:30 EST- 3:15pm EST. This is the second to last FREE event for the month!

💥So, last night I had major tech issues! Let's just say, tech is one of my triggers! It's unfamiliar territory for me. It throws me out of my comfort zone. It causes feelings of anxiety to well up in my body. It's like a puzzle, with many pieces, and I was feeling like I was blindfolded trying to complete the puzzle. Are you sensing my emotions right now?

💥With every obstacle I faced, I was forced to make a decision! This was a time of many decisions and pivots through the process (some successful and some not so successful), however, they are decisions!

💥Each day, we are confronted by our triggers. Each day, a decision on how we will respond to those emotions that well up in our bodies.

💥For many of us, we have learned skills to push the emotions aside, numb the emotions, and other forms of distraction techniques. The problem with these techniques is that your body holds the stress, it holds the emotion and we replay them in our minds and in a sense rewiring ourselves to respond like this again and again.

💥There's a better way to respond to your emotions! This is the topic this Thursday, as we explore, how to make great choices in the midst of big emotions.

💥💥💥💥💥REGISTER HERE for the FREE mini-workshop⬇⬇

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