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Teenage drama

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

What happens for you when your teen rolls their eyes at you, or when they storm off and slam the door?

Think for a moment how you feel internally.

If you are anything like me, anger or frustration may come to the surface.

I might be saying things to myself like, "I am the parent, I deserve to be respected". Or, "I am so sick and tired of their selfishness."

What do these comments that we speak to ourselves internally have in common?

They are all centered on ourselves.

When I think about it a bit deeper, when I am angry, its usually because one of my needs are not being met.

Hmmmmm. It's good to pause here and identify exactly what you are thinking and feeling in the moment. We all know that how we think affects our emotions, our actions and our results.

What are you thinking and feeling?

What if you looked at your anger or frustration as an indicator light to alert you that something is going on inside of your own mind and body?

What if you looked at your teen with compassion and curiosity, wondering what's going on beneath the surface for them?

How might that affect your relationship with your teen differently?

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PS. For those of you with teenager who would like to go deeper into these topics, the Capturing Their Hearts Workshop which starts on Feb.5th might be for you! For more information: https://www.LivingFullLifeCoaching.com/capturing-their-hearts

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