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Stay in your lane!

I've been reflecting on how I can be a part of the change in our society lately. There is so much work that needs to happen before we can have unity as a nation.

As a person with great empathy who feels deeply (HSP), all this can seem overwhelming at times. Sometimes it requires breaks from the news or social media.

When I start to think of it all, I wonder, what can I control? The only thing I can control is my thoughts, my feelings, my actions and the legacy I want to leave for my family.

Overwhelm kicks in when I get out of my lane and work in areas I was not intended to work in.

My job is to abide in Christ; take captive my thoughts and renew my mind, as I listen for His marching orders. My job is to fear God and not man.

The Legacy I want to leave my family is that I loved people well; all people. Not just the wealthy or white people, but all people.

Do I fail? Heck yeah! But here's the good news: every time I fail is an opportunity to grow! God is at work growing us and changing us!

I personally know this national revival will be an inside out job. God always does His best work from the inside out!

As we move forward together, each of us will play a unique part depending upon how we've been wired by God.

Every role is different and unique. There's no pressure to respond in one specific way.

So take a deep breath and stay in your own lane!

What role do you see yourself participating in?

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