Sleep on it!

Sleep is so important for us! It’s a time when our brains clean up crew comes in and organized all the data it took in during your day. It’s a time for our minds and bodies to rejuvenate. Although our bodies rest, our brain's subconscious never rests.

We’ve talked about this earlier in the year, but it’s worth mentioning again. Establishing a routine where you shut down the blue lights will help increase melatonin release in your brain. It takes 1.5 hours for the effects of blue light to subside, so shutting down phones, computers, and televisions about 2 hours before sleep time is recommended.

What will I do you ask?

What if you prayed through your day, prayed for our children to be strong and learn how to stand up for what they believe without shame, blame, or name-calling as a means of communication, prayed for unity, prayed for the violence and hostility to end, pray for respect for all humans created in Gods image regardless of their beliefs?

Or you can just sit in God's presence and listen to Him for your marching orders?

Or you can meditate on the truth in the Word or even memorize it. Chewing on truth changes your perspective.

Or you can think, what thoughts will you think to help spur you on to your goals?

What do you like to do before bed? #livingfulllifecoaching #sleep #renewyourmind #promisedlandliving

PS reach out And chat! I’d love to help you process

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