See the beauty on the route

Today get outside and notice 5 beautiful things.

God created so much beauty that we often rush by or we miss because we are looking down at our phones.

Yesterday we talked about changing your route. Simply changing the direction you walk can change what you see on your destination.

What if we beheld His glory in creation and gave thanks for every good and beautiful thing? How could that change the well-worn route you keep choosing in your mind?

You get to choose your thoughts. How you think affects your emotions. How you think and feel determines your destination and the actions you choose to take on the way. You get to choose your route.

Will you choose the route of peace and joy despite your circumstances?

Will you choose the route of gratitude and wonder as you wait to see how the Creator of all things beautiful guides you to your destination?

What beauty will you notice today on your journey?

#livingfulllifecoaching #promisedlandliving #renewyourmind #takecaptiveeverythought PS reach out if you want to discover how this can change everything for you.

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