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Peel, heal, guide and direct!

Are you afraid of what God might be asking you to do?

You would not be the first person to say that, but I'd like to tell you that He can be trusted!

I writing to tell you what's going on with me! God is doing some major shifting in my life right now! And I'd like to report this: It is scary!

Let's face it, our brains like certainty, comfort, and control. When our brains are not in that mode, it kicks off our fight, flight, or freeze response. It's forcing me to look at and feel my big emotions and trust God to guide me through the unknown.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because change and uncertainty are hard. Trusting God when you don't see the direct path is REALLY HARD, but this is the journey He has me on right now.

This journey started with my first Promised Land Living Course.

Truly, I went in thinking, okay, I know about freedom in Christ, I know my purpose and I've been teaching Bible studies and discipling women for years. I went in as an observer to see how a class like this would run.

At about two weeks in, God began His mighty work in my heart. Peeling away layers one by one and transforming the deep parts of my soul. God had different plans; plans to mold me and use me and I was not alone. There was not a person in my group that was not transformed right alongside me.

I knew I needed to do this professionally, so I became certified as a Coach presenter. Seeing the participant's faces from start to finish telling the story of His work. Fast forward to now, God is moving again, peeling away more layers, weeding out more lies, implanting new and beautiful truths and direction, because that is what happens when I offer one of these courses~ big-time movement!

I'm telling you this because voluntarily signing up for the God-sized layer peel is not for the faint of heart! This journey has been beautiful, exciting, scary, healing, freeing, and at times exhausting!


The intimacy with God that comes from allowing Him to peel, heal, guide, and direct is amazing!

I'm inviting you to join me in this process. The next Promised Land Living Course is starting Wednesday, September 16th from 1-3pm EST.

Be courageous and join me as we offer ourselves up to be molded by the Potter! Won't it be exciting to see what He creates?!?

How can you demonstrate being strong and courageous today?

#LivingFullLifeCoaching #promisedlandliving #hesthepotter PS: You can register for PLL at https://www.livingfulllifecoaching.com/promised-land-living PSS: Schedule a free breakthrough call: https://bookme.name/LivingFullLifeCoachi…/…/doreen-steenland

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