Pass the Salt, please!

Our conversations are an overflow of our hearts.

Moment by moment we get to choose how we will use our tongues.

To bless or to curse?

To build up or tear down?

As Christians, this is where we should be dwelling. The space between a circumstance and our response.

This is where we get to choose to listen to our King and follow His lead or go our own way, react habitually and impulsively.

Moment by moment it’s your choice to monitor your thoughts and emotions that create your responses.

Are they connected to Him or do they revolve around me?

This is the deep and intentional work of living as a Christian. Learning to be present with self, others, and God and allowing that holy presence to guide us.

You get to choose today if you will renew your mind from the inside out.

How can you demonstrate Christ in you for the world?

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