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Pandemic Ponderings

What are your thoughts about how you want to re-enter the world after the restrictions are lifted?

I for one know that things have changed internally for me a bit!

What has changed for me?

✔️I've noticed that some things that were VERY important to me in the past, have taken a back seat. They no longer hold the same allure!

✔️I've discovered clarity and depth in my thinking with a slower pace

✔️I've noticed that I really love silence and stillness and I will build more of that into my schedule.

✔️I've discovered the value of those face to face interactions. I think I will build more coffee dates or walk and talks to my schedule.

✔️I have newfound gratitude for our freedom to come and go as we please.

✔️I love Zoom interaction (in moderate doses; not large doses)

✔️I have remembered the importance of kindness and grace to my fellow sojourners.

✔️I now know that I GET TO CHOOSE what I will allow back in my life when this is all over. Life is too short to do things I don't want to do anymore.

✔️I know more than ever that I GET TO CHOOSE the thoughts that I will allow to run my life! You get to choose the thoughts your peruse!

✔️I discovered that I want to have this conversation with my young adults so that they can evaluate how they want to return to the world. I think we may approach it with a pros and cons list; or a stay or go list. How about you?

What are some of your discoveries?

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