Open your eyes

Today look for the good in others and notice their strengths.

Often, we see others through our shaded perspective. We are great at spotting the flaws in others. What if we shifted that and looked for the strengths in others instead?

You see, we all have a pair of glasses we wear. Those glasses come from our history, our thoughts, our emotions, and our projections. Often, what we are thinking, we project on to others and make the assumption that they are thinking the same thing or doing the same thing that we are doing.

First of all, this is faulty thinking. If we think we can know what is going on in another’s mind, we are wrong.

Secondly, it would benefit us to start challenging our thoughts and perceptions before we speak.

Imagine what could happen if we laid our scratched glasses down and picked up God's perfect lens to see others with!

Imagine what could happen if we spotted the strengths of others instead of their weaknesses.

What did you discover today?

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