Nothing can change without you!

Happy New Year!

I keep hearing over and over again how excited everyone is to usher out 2020 from their memory banks! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, however, I cannot help myself. You see, nothing will change in 2021 unless you make an intentional effort to make a change! That's right! Everything will stay exactly the same unless you step up to the plate to make the changes. I already have a plan for how I am investing in my growth and change. How about you? If not, Don't worry, I've got you covered! Below you will notice all the opportunities to make 2021 an amazing year in your household, EVEN IF, COVID, isolation, and all things remain the same. Anyway, reach out, and let's jump on a call if you have any questions about ANY OF THE OPPORTUNITIES that exist for you to be your best self!

Upcoming EVENTS and Group Coaching:

FREE WEBINAR: JANUARY 7th (10am & 3pm EST)

What nobody tells you about capturing the hearts and attention of your young adult: A webinar of hope for the hearts of Christian Moms


COUNTDOWN TO LAUNCH GROUP COACHING PROGRAM: Secrets to prepare your young adult to courageously step into adulthood: Starting January 13th Only 7 spots left (1-3 pm EST) 6-month program

More Information Here

FREE EVENT: UNSHAKABLE: Sponsored by Promised Land Living JANUARY 14th (7-9 pm EST)



PROMISED LAND LIVING: A group coaching program to discover the life God intends for you because you were made for more! Only 8 women get to go on this journey!

Starting: JANUARY 19th (1-3 pm EST) for 13 weeks