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March Madness at home!

March Madness is not just for basketball! It's for parenting teens too!

How would you like to make the final FOUR years of your teens being home a winning team event?

Parenting teens is hard and messy work!

One minute they are agreeable eight-year-olds and the next minute they are like strangers!

All the ways you once talked to them and connected with them are NOT WORKING now that they are teens.

They are shutting down and pulling away.

I'm here to tell you that there is hope!

You can connect with your teens if you shift a few of your habits of communicating with them!

When we connect with our teens, we have more peace in our homes and they have more power to solve problems.

I have two things to offer you all!

✔️A freebie worksheet of the 10 Things you need to know about connecting with your teen!

✔️A free Facebook group called Capturing Their Hearts.

✔️In the Facebook group, we will have a FREE Workshop where you will walk away with a four-step process to immediately improve your relationship with your teen.

✔️This group is for Christian Parents of teens and tweens. If you are not a Christian and don't mind God-talk, you are welcome to join as well!

✔️In this group, you will have access to informational Facebook lives, the support of other like-minded parents, and the free workshop which happens in March! March Madness is for parenting teens too.

Get in the group and join the madness!

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PS.: Parents of Teens: 10 Things you need to know about.......connecting with your teen! https://www.livingfulllifecoaching.com/capturing-their-hearts

It's a freebie.......for You!!

PSS: Capturing Their Hearts Facebook group

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