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Lift your eyes

Hey friends!

Sending out this verse, because I needed to remember it!

When 2020 sends disappointments, when our kids are struggling, when our friends have been diagnosed with COVID, or just when things are not going as planned!

What are we to do?

“Lift your eyes on high, and see the ONE who created the stars!”

The ONE who puts the stars in the sky and knows them by name! The ONE who keeps our planet from failing out of the sky. The ONE who holds everything together by His Powerful word. The ONE who sent His son for you and me!

No man, no President, no Rulers, no authorities, can separate us from the great love He has given us!

Turn your eyes to the hope of your glory- the One who tells the rivers which way to flow and changes the hearts of kings.

Who is this king of glory? His name is Jesus!

This is where my help comes from and where I will lift my eyes!

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