Laughter is medicine for the soul

Happy April Fool's Day! I remember when I was a kid, this day in school was edgy! You were always watching, always waiting for the next prank to come your way!

This day broke up the monotony of school when I was young and it made me think of the importance of humor for the teenage brain!

The teenage brain is like a novelty seeking bloodhound! They love taking risks, laughing, and new and interesting experiences! (cue endless runs of tic-toc and You-Tube videos!) This novelty seeking bloodhound mentality often spurs them to do or say things without weighing the consequences. (Cue parents: what were you thinking?-they weren't!)

As a parent, you can tap into their love of laughter! Often we forget to include laughter as a tool, because we are soooooo serious solving problems!

Next time things are heating up in your home, try adding a little humor or throwing in a crazy statement that doesn't fit…you know like the (alien is in the backyard). It snaps their brain into attention and you can actually see their heads tilt like a puppy to make sense of your statement or they will burst out laughing with you….now you have their attention.

Have fun with it….happy April Fool's Day!

PS: I love working with Moms of teens to navigate the new territory of this parenting transition. Reach out for a Free discovery call to see what it's all about!

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