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Junk draw dump

Is your life feeling like your junk drawer has just been dumped on top of you?

If so, there's a few things I'd like to share with you.

This is hard stuff that we are going through, especially in the NorthEast right now! The cases being counted, beds being filled, and front line people risking their lives daily, the supplies are limited.

It all sounds so bleak and its hard not to give in to anxiety.

✔️But I'd like to share with you a few thoughts about our brains. You see, God created our brains to work in a certain way. They are doing what they were wired to do right now. You brain is doing its job to protect you for danger.

✔️God designed your brain in a way that you can choose what you focus your thinking on. You can override that area of your brain and choose to think differently. My friends, it's the only thing we can control right now.

✔️God gives us a prescription for how to do this in His Word. He tells us to take captive our thoughts in obedience to Christ and He tells us exactly where to put our thoughts. Check out Phillippians 4:4-9 for clues.

✔️God is with you, He does His best work with limited supplies (5 loaves & 2 fish, think Elijah, Elisha, and so many more examples.)

✔️Our brains are wired to copy what we see before us. You know, like when someone yawns, everybody yawns? Not everyone is tired, but our brains have mirror neurons that copy what we see.

✔️The implication of the above neuroscience is the following: If your kids see or feel your anxiety, they will also be anxious. If you kids see and feel your frustration, they will also be frustrated. If your kids see and feel your anger, then they will be angry too. YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHAT YOU MODEL FOR YOUR KIDS RIGHT NOW. YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHERE YOU PLACE YOUR THOUGHTS.

✔️Lastly, your kids are just as stressed with the disruption as the rest of the world is, be GRACIOUS TO THEM. THEY ARE NOT INTENTIONALLY TRYING TO ANNOY YOU, OR GET YOU ANGRY. They are not intentionally acting out. Have compassion on them. If the work doesn't get done, no big deal. The homework will be there tomorrow; we are not going anywhere.

✔️You get to participate with the memory your kids will have over this crisis. Cling to God, Love Him with all your hearts, teach your children to love Him too, play, laugh, and sing His praises.

It will be good medicine for all of your souls.

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