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He's In the Boat

As I sit here, pondering God's goodness in the midst of the mess, I remember the words He hid in my heart, just last month. For such a time as this!

I remember it like it was yesterday, attending a marriage conference and the speaker was talking about the storms. The fierce storms that will come in our lives.

At the time, one of the speakers pierced my heart with his Word! Tears flowed as I hid those words in my heart, not knowing when I would need them, but knowing for sure that I would.

My friends, God promised the disciples when He invited them in the boat that they would get to the other side....check out verse 45 of Mark 4. It was already confirmed that they would get there. However, in the midst of the storm, they forgot!

They forgot that Jesus could calm the waves and the wind with a Word. They forgot that He made man from dust and breathed life into them. They forgot that He makes every beat of our hearts come to pass. They forgot the He knows and controls all that is happening around us.

They forgot that He was in the BOAT WITH THEM!

Let us not forget that God sent His Son into the world to live the perfect life (perfect without sin; not without pain) so that He could become the perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world. God became flesh and dwelt among us....He is with us....He is in the boat!

All we have to do is believe that He is who He says He is and trust our lives to the ultimate captain of our ship!

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