Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's day!

"Here's to strong women. "May we be them, may we know them, may we raise them."

What does a strong woman of God look like?

-She knows who she is and who she serves!

-She loves fiercely out of the overflow of God's love from her.

-She authentically connects with those she comes in contact with because she has a heart to impact others in meaningful ways.

-She knows how to speak words that build others up, communicating with grace and truth.

-She is compassionate towards those in need.

-She knows her true beauty comes from her connection to the source of life.

-She courageously stands up for the truth and parents her children fearlessly, because she trusts in Him.

-She knows her role as a Mom is to put herself out of business, as she raises those who love like her and she delights in the journey.

-She knows how to take her thoughts captive and manage her emotions as she trains her children to do the same.

These are the kinds of powerful Moms I get to work with every day! Their strength blows my mind! Their desire to be amazing and raise amazing teenagers inspires me. Thank you to all the strong women out there that have made a difference in my life!

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