Good Friday Pondering

Today is a solemn day in Christian history. Today is the day we remember the great sacrifice that was made in our place on the Cross at Calvary. Today is the day we remember Christ dying for the sins of the world. He suffered the outpouring of God's wrath, in our place, so that we would not have to endure that pain. Now, we can enter into God's presence once again.

Easter day is the reflection of the resurrection of our Lord from the dead, so that we can be guaranteed our resurrection from the dead and enter into God's presence today and forever. In this we rejoice! Hallelujah and amen!

Today, I'd like to focus on foot of the cross. It is here that Jesus did not suffer alone. John (the disciple that Jesus loved), who intimately knew the love of Christ and proclaimed it boldly, His mother, another Mary. It's fascinating to see how these three sat with Jesus in the midst of his agony. They could not take the pain away. They could not fix the situation. They could not give Jesus their best advice. They did not throw platitudes towards Jesus. They could not change the circumstance, but they did what they could do. They were present for Him in His pain.

These were the ones that intimately knew Jesus' love. These were the faithful ones who didn't run from the suffering and pain. These individuals experienced a deep connection with Jesus that circumstances could not destroy.

In the middle of His suffering, our Lord still thought of others and He still intimately loved them well, asking John to care for His mother. There are so many great examples of how to deal with suffering and how to deal with those who are suffering for us to model. This example of sacrificial love in the Bible highlights, those who remained present in the middle of their Savior's pain and the Savior who sacrificed for the sins of the world and still cared for others in the middle of it.

While the others were hiding or licking their wounds, these three faithfully stayed with Him through His agony. They prepared His body for burial and we among some the first at the empty tomb for His resurrection.

It makes sense to me that this is recorded in the Gospel of John, the relational gospel, written by the disciple that Jesus loved. God desires a relationship with you. He came to earth to prove that truth. He loves you and laid down His life to prove that. There is nothing you can do to earn His favor, this is grace. It is a FREE gift.

Will you receive this priceless gift today?

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