Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Today’s challenge: try something new to get you out of your comfort zone!

Our brains love routine! They love to keep us comfortable. They love it when everything stays the same.

Our brains work really hard to keep things routine. This isn’t a problem with good routines, it actually conserves energy and decreases the daily decisions we need to make that contribute to decision fatigue.

It becomes problematic when our actions, habits, or thoughts are keeping us stuck in a cyclical rut! Growth can not happen without discomfort.

My friend, Rick, always says, “get comfortable being uncomfortable ” and what I love about this is that it is a forward-moving statement.

This is what we do in coaching! Help others get out of their ruts and retrain their brains to form new and stronger pathways!

For example, many of us are very comfortable wearing the overcoat of the victim. It’s more comfortable for us because we’ve always played that part! God tells us to renew our minds and take captive our thoughts! This is the work; as we rest in His arms.

How will you get comfortable being uncomfortable today?

PS reach out if you want to hear how we do this! Promised land-living group starting Feb 2nd. Only 5 spots left!

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