Everybody wants your attention

We live in a digital world where everybody and everything is screaming for your attention!

Even as we work, we are constantly being distracted....

Does this sound familiar? You cleared your schedule, woke up early, and informed your family and friends you're unreachable. An entire day dedicated to finally working on your dream.

Buzz. Ring. Beep. Five minutes in, another disruption. Notifications flash across your screen. Focus. Where were you? Your phone vibrates. Now you can crave a distraction and the dopamine fix. Scroll. Scroll. Who are you kidding? Productivity plummets. Morale declines. Your dream gets sidelined and sabotaged–yet again. Unless you're Unhackable.

The average person:

  • Makes 35,000 decisions a day.

  • Encounters 5,000 ads a day.

  • Focuses 11 minutes a day.

  • Spends more than 5 hours on screens.

We suffer from decision fatigue and digital distractions. Human knowledge once doubled every thousand years. Today, it’s every twelve hours. No wonder we can’t keep up.

The toll this takes on our bodies, minds, and productivity is evident in the rise of stress-related psychiatric disorders. We can learn how to manage all this tech, and use the tech for our benefit instead of letting the tech use us.

If you want to find out how, please join me for a FREE Webinar called: Becoming Unhackable: How