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Empowerment or not?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Dialogue with our teens can be challenging. Often it seems like we are living in different worlds! Our world views clash at times. This is understandable with the generation gap, however, what if we approached our teens with a spirit of curiosity instead of a judgmental, know it all attitude?

As the half time show has made its waves through social media, I'd like to challenge us as parents to start a dialogue with our teens to learn what they are thinking and believing about the show. (my intent is not to start a debate, but to put out some possible topic of conversation that I picked up from thoughtful bloggers.)

As you have this conversation with your teen, try to manage your emotions regarding their responses. You may find that they are very different than yours. The point is not to control; shame; or blame; it is to learn and help your teen engage their pre frontal cortex which is not fully developed. Higher thinking occurs there and they probably have not connected the dots or the implications of the message being sent!

Possible discussion questions:

- What did you think about the halftime show?

-obviously, both women are super talented & gifted; opinions on this.....

-what did you see that was good or questionable?

-what underlying message was being sent to the viewers?

-in a world of sexual exploitation/sex trafficking of both sexes, "There are real-world consequences to creating a culture that promotes, validates, and normalizes sexual objectification". Alison Phillips, how do you see this to be true or false?

-What is driving Sex trafficking in our culture? Some thoughts to consider: "How is it that one human being could be so callous as to buy or sell another human being? Quite simply, it is because they have dehumanized that person; they have objectified him or her. One does not buy another human being if they see them in their full humanity, with value, and a personality and feelings. This has been the story of slavery throughout human history, regardless of the form it takes". Alison Phillips

-What does empowerment of women look like? "This is not what a healthy, empowered woman looks like.

In the ongoing pursuit for equality, women today are buying into a re-branded version of age-old sexism, calling it “empowerment.” Choosing to sexually objectify yourself is not empowerment. It is false empowerment." Alison Phillips

-For your daughters: "You are more than your body, you have minds, and self respect, do not believe the lies that you need to exploit your body to be empowered or demonstrate your worth' Mindy Summers

-For your sons; "sex is not free, it is not a transaction, it should never be used for power or performance, is was meant and created by God to express love and share intimacy." Alison Phillips

As parents, engaging our teens minds and helping them think through difficult topics equips them to be problem solvers and world changers!

How can you start a dialogue today with your teen?

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PS The Capturing their Hearts workshop for Parents of Teens is getting ready to launch in February. For more information on how to connect and communicate with your teen: https://LivingFullLifeCoaching.com/capturing-their-hearts

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