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Emotionally Intelligence is missing in action

This is timely information! We need emotional intelligence for our teens.

Our world will not change if we do not pour our focus into our teens.

It's kind of like a superhero show, where the fate of our world depends upon our teenagers.

Well, it's not that dramatic, but after last night's debate, I'm pretty sure there was a lot of EQ missing on both sides of the isle.

We need to train our teen's that there are better ways to communicate, collaborate, and create change!

Read this amazing article by Tim Elmore: https://growingleaders.com/blog/how-emotional-intelligence-increases-students-influence/?fbclid=IwAR3mqhGbp-h0jLQUeb3-OcSG33599S9O9MnNvmTNERp_NWXL6L0jYh5GwmI

I'm passionate about helping Moms empower emotionally competent, Unhackable,world changers who love well.

If you don't know where to begin to develop your teen, my 4D Launchpad Method can help.

Launching Unhackable Teens in a Hacked World begins in October!

You are invited! https://www.livingfulllifecoaching.com/launchingunhackabl... If you would like information, please book a FREE discovery call

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