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Disagreement anyone?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Boy, is there a lot of disagreement these days?

How do you react when someone disagrees with you?

Do you shame them?

Do you use name calling?

Do you try to understand?

What if we chose love instead? Chose to love others well and let them make their own choices?

What if we chose respect? Chose to respect others and honor their boundaries?

What if we saw the person behind the disagreement and loved them anyway?

Jesus did not force others to follow Him, He loved them anyway and waits for them to have their own change of mind.

How'd He do it? He did it by loving everyone well; with gentleness and respect, speaking the truth, patiently waiting for others to acknowledge the truth, and letting go of the outcome.

It's pretty freeing to let go of being responsible for what others believe and think.

If you had to grade yourself today, would you have a passing grade or a failing grade?

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