Ding! Ding!!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

We live in a world of distraction!

Distraction is causing an increase in anxiety and a decrease in productivity.

Nobody understands this better than our teens!

They are being tugged by the constant dings of their phone, video notifications, intense scheduling to "make it" into the right colleges, and the absence of down time.

As noted in this picture, their down time is spent on their phones or Netflix!

The latest studies show that social media &. texting trigger the reward system in the brain. Once our teens brains link the phones with a reward, they will seek it again and again to get that boost in dopamine (one of our feel good neurotransmitters).

The same is true for us as adults! We link the release of dopamine with happiness and pleasure.

The more we react to the dings the deeper the brain maps become and the harder it is for us to break the habit.

❓Let's consider how we can begin to have these conversations with our teens. Our teens will not change a behavior unless they have bought into it personally.

❓Let's begin by asking them what feelings go on inside them when their phones ding......what do they notice internally?

❓What do they notice about themselves if they do not respond to the ding? What feelings come up?

❓What plan could they come up with for managing their devices so that they can become more productive and less anxious?

You can empower your teen to solve problems and buy into the solutions when they know that you believe they are capable of solving their own problems.

Will you try it today?