Connect not disrespect

Today’s challenge is to share a smile or a chat with someone near to you.

I’m afraid this pandemic has worsened the polarization of Our world in many ways. This polarization will not change by changing political parties.

For example, it now takes special skills or X-ray vision to determine if someone is smiling under their mask.

The second obstacle is that we rarely get close enough to another to use those special skills. It’s not commonplace while walking people totally avoiding you or looking the other way for fear of contracting the virus further polarizing us.

And then there is the fear of those who are different than us and the desire to cancel and Unfriend anyone who does not think like me.

This is nothing new but has certainly be amplified even by those calling for “peace”.

I’d like to offer up a thought. Peace can only come to a person, society, or nation when they intentionally choose to stop fighting. When one chooses to end the war. Harmony existed in the place between chaos and rigidity. We get to choose.

May I offer another thought to consider? A Christian is a person who is marked by love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. It is not a political party. Christianity is about a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe that has changed your life from the inside out.

Lumping all Christians as Christian Right-wing radical rebels who must be canceled or labeling/stereotyping anyone at all is wrong, as we learned earlier in 2020 with the call for equality and fairness to ALL people.

I think we can all agree when we put aside emotions that all “profiling” is wrong.

How can you be the change you wish to see today?

How can you love and listen to someone who is different than you today instead of canceling them?

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