Connect in a distracted world?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

You can connect with your teen and restore peace in your home! Sound impossible?

Let me tell you that it isn't!

How would you like cooperation in your home?

How about genuinely respectful attitudes?

Let's face it; we can force our teens to be respectful, but will that really accomplish the desired effect? I don't believe so.

I believe that when you truly connect with teens, you can have high standards for them and mutual respect.

When we show them we believe in them, it empowers them to try new things without fear of failure, to think outside the box and to make wise decisions.

You see our teens are going through all kinds of developmental changes. Often times they don't even know what's going on inside them. What happens for us is that we take things personally and react from a place of anger, instead of self- control.

Let's cut through all the brain drama together and learn how to reach our teens so they can launch successfully and honor God in the midst.

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