Change your route

Today’s challenge is to take a different route today!

It’s possible that this post’s intention was to change your driving route! This is helpful and causes you to snap out of a mindless routine, which is a good thing.

I’m going to take a different slant on this! We’ve all built routes in our brains. These routes are the superhighways that we travel subconsciously in response to an event or trigger.

When an event or circumstance triggers us, when we are living in our unaware states, we react with our normal pattern of behavior. It could be to fight(argue, anger, slander, gossip), flight (withdrawal, shunning, cold shoulder, canceling people, or unfriending them), or freeze (unresponsive, apathetic, and asleep while standing).

Each of these patterns is unique to you. It’s the way you’ve always done it!

The good news is, you CAN CHANGE your route! You no longer need to be held captive by emotional outbursts remaining a victim of your circumstances.

You can change your response.

Step #1 is to begin to notice the things that trigger you or cause you to feel threatened.

Step #2 Now that you are aware, pause, take some deep breaths, and let the feel-good hormones clear your mind a bit.

Step #3 Ask yourself questions. What is important about this? What are the facts? What is going on for me under the surface? What rights or values are being trampled on? Once you have the data, it’s time to look at the data from different angles and find other options.

Things will not change in our homes, or society until we all learn to change our routes! What one route change will you focus on today?

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PS if you want to learn how to do this. Schedule a free call to see how I can help

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