Change Your Glasses


As I entered the church as a new believer three decades ago , something interesting happened to me.  I suddenly noticed a lot of holy people working hard to please the Lord.   I immediately joined the ranks!   You see I was taught that when I believe I received gifts to use!  While this is true and our gifts are unique, I felt thrust into a world where I had to perform like everyone else, because that's what God would want, right? The problem was this, I never really saw myself internally through the lens that God saw me.  The result was feeling like an imposter!  Feeling as though if anyone found out who I really was and my real questions and struggles, I'd be booted right out of the holy huddle.  You see for years, I lived saved from the penalty of my sin (freed from Egypt), but roaming in the desert in search of the Promised Land.   Internally, I knew something was missing even though I knew all the words in the Bible, they lacked power for me!   I loved the Lord, but that freedom, power, and abundance I heard about was not a reality for me.  And just like the Israelites, I spent years walking in circles as if on a hamster wheel.  I was running hard and working my fingers to the bone, but never got to that Promised Land! (I'm wondering if you've ever felt this way too?) If so, know that You are not alone!  You were not meant to travel this journey alone.  Every strong and healthy believers gets stuck sometimes!  When we do, our brains like to bring us back to the ways of Egypt!  We fall back into the old ways of solving problems, seeing ourselves from our old lens, and feeling like we are about to be exposed at any minute.  The result is that we create walls; we hide.   Guess what I discovered?  We don't have to live like this anymore!   God created you for MORE and you CAN EXPERIENCE HIS POWER and learn to live PRESENT IN THE MOMENT WITH HIM AND OTHERS! This can be a reality for you!  You can see yourself through God's eyes and take off your old glasses!  My friend, those glasses served you for a while, but we don't need them anymore! So let's throw them away and get a new prescription! The funny thing is that God has thrust us into 2020, and our circumstances are begging us to change our glasses! Would you like to be one of the EIGHT WOMEN to travel this intimate journey with us? You are invited!  You belong!  No matter how many years you've been walking with God, this is for you!   We will meet only twice a month for 13 sessions, but they will be two life giving meetings that will give you CLARITY, CONVICTION AND COURAGE to face the unknown!  Registration is open and spots are limited to 8 women!