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Celebration of a Success Story

Can I take a moment to shout out one of my clients?

When I met Elizabeth, she was tired, as a matter of fact, she was sick and tired of acting like a police officer in her home. She was tired of directing traffic and having it fall on deaf ears.

She tried harder and harder, nagged more and more, and no matter how loud she spoke, nothing changed.

She wanted to quit! But let's face it, you cannot quit in your parenting, no matter how hard it gets!😜

She tried to tell herself that this is a phase and it will pass, but it wasn't passing and what she was doing was not working!

She needed new tools. You see, what she didn't know is that our brains solve problems the same way all the time.....it's more convenient and efficient that way. She needed new ways to see what was happening in their home.

She was getting worried.

Elizabeth wanted to be sure her teen went off to college strong in conviction, and in his faith, but he was pulling away from church activities. The more she demanded he goes to church, the more they fought! She wanted the best for him and she couldn't make him understand.

Elizabeth stumbled across one of my Facebook posts and called me for a FREE breakthrough call. She got immediate tools to use and signed up for one of my group coaching programs for parents of teens.

In the process, she learned what she could control and what she couldn't. She learned how to get her teens to cooperate and how to empower them to take on more responsibilities. She learned the best way to communicate with her teen and work as a team, instead of enemies.

She walked away with an understanding of what was going on in her brain and her teen's brain! She found out how to manage her thoughts & emotions and how to empower her teen to manage their own. She figured out her own triggers.

Most of all, she was able to watch her son go off to college and be successful because of the tools she was able to equip him with. Now, her son is being sought after for leadership positions because she taught him valuable life lessons instead of waiting for the phase to pass.

She was proactive and intentional about her parenting transition......let's be honest, it is a transition from parenting elementary-aged kids to teens and college-aged kids is hard and often messy. It's better to go on the journey with someone who has traveled it before.

So today, Elizabeth, I celebrate you and thank you for the privilege of walking alongside you on this journey!

What tools are you lacking that you can develop in your parenting toolbox?

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PS: If you would like a FREE breakthrough call to see what tools you can add, book it here! https://bookme.name/LivingFullLifeCoaching/lite/doreen-steenland

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