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Becoming Unhackable

Are you living a distracted life?

A life where you are phubbing your loved ones constantly? (snubbing your loved ones for your phone)

What is the message we are sending to our people if we can not give them our attention?

We live in a society that screams for you to "PAY ATTENTION". Look at me, buy me, listen to me! Between social media, talking heads, politicians, our inboxes, media, streaming videos, Netflix, and all the things; WE ARE BEING HACKED.

Our attention is divided and "the first act of love is the giving of attention", Dallas Willard.

It's impossible you say and I would challenge you that it is very possible to become unhackable. To keep your brain from constant outside stimuli and fully present with your people. I am learning how to become more present for my people and I love to show you what I've learned.

The first step to change is awareness. Notice today, how many times you are distracted with your teens/loved ones by some outside influence that is hacking your attention.

"Where my attention goes, my legacy flows". Kary Oberbrunner

If you become as surprised as me, I'd love to walk you through some ways I'm learning to show up wherever you are filled up and fully present.

What are some ways you decrease the distractions that are hacking you?

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