Be gentle with yourself and others

Today be gentle with yourself when you make mistakes! AND I would add, be gentle with others.

I know a lot of sensitive souls, I’m one of them! When we mess up, it’s not uncommon for us to put ourselves on our self-prescribed torture device and crank the wheel!

What if, we choose to think a different thought?

What if instead of meditating on what instrument of torture I will use, I changed my focus?

What if I decided to look at what was happening under the surface for me when I messed up?

After all, the only thing I can control is my own actions, thoughts, and emotions. So, what if I changed my glasses and put on the lens of compassion, forgiveness, and empathy towards myself and others.

What if I explored what I was thinking before the said incident took place and challenged that with the truth?

What if instead of judgment and condemnation, I choose grace, compassion, forgiveness, or even curiosity?

What if I put aside my pride and made amends for my part in the mental(imagined) or real crime?

What if I asked God and others for forgiveness, developed a plan of how to deal with a situation like that differently next time, and put that plan into action.

Can I trust that forgiveness from God is enough, even when others remain hard-hearted?

Can I answer this one? Yes God can be trusted! He doesn’t lie and does not shift and change like the world or politicians. He is my solid ground. He is my stability. Yes, He can be trusted.

Your part is to take responsibility for your actions, own them, make amends, and leave the results in God's hands. Then put on the gentleness, compassion, grace, and forgiveness you have received and let it flow out towards others.

How will you be gentle with yourself and others today? #livingfulllifecoaching #promisedlandliving #chooselove #choosegentleness #choosekindness #takecaptiveeverythought #takecaptiveyourthoughts

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