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Shout out to all the parents of teens!

Right now, if you are like the rest of us, your teen may be experiencing a large amount of stress and disappointment.

Now, before anyone gets cranky,🤬, I'm not saying WE ALL AREN'T FEELING DISAPPOINTED AND STRESSED ABOUT THINGS!

We've all had monumentally important things in our lives canceled, we are all facing daily fears, we are all concerned about our uncertain futures and our health.

But just for one moment, please humor me.

✔️You may be seeing some behaviors and attitudes in your teen that you are not liking!

✔️Things like bickering, complaining, disrespect, and excessive screen time.

✔️Please remember that these are the external things we are noticing, but there is probably more going on under the surface in your teen's life right now.

✔️There are likely huge emotions that your teen is experiencing that they are not equipped to deal with brewing below the surface.

✔️Anger, disappointment, helplessness & worry about graduations, senior proms, senior year of college, senior year of sports......all the things.......

✔️Most teens are not equipped to process these emotions alone. In fact, most adults have not learned to do this yet either!

✔️Please be patient with them. Be present for them! Listen to them and help them process what's brewing beneath the surface.

✔️If you need help with this, please sign up for the FREE email video 5-day parenting challenge. Each day, you will get a video in your inbox that helps you learn how to be present for your people during this time.

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