Attention Real parents of teens/tweens

If you are a Christian parent of Teens or Tweens, you won't want to miss joining Capturing Their Hearts Facebook group!

In this group you will get the following:

✔️Real parents who want to connect with their teens/tweens and who realize parenting is messy work at times

✔️Facebook live educational videos

✔️Live Q& A's

✔️A confidential, judgment-free zone to work through your unique peeps

✔️Exclusive access to the 6 day- "Connect Method Workshop" Coming soon!

This free training will give you a four-step process to improve your relationship with your teen/tween. You will walk away with tangible action steps to Eliminate the Drama & Elevate the peace in your home!

If you are not a Christian Parent and do not mind God-talk, you can join also....we'd love to have you!

As a Mom of Three amazing & independent, young adults, I have the experience to guide you with tools that are right for your specific family!

If you are looking for black and white rules, like "when "SHOULD" my teen do x,y,z"? Then this probably is not the group for you. My passion is to connect you with your teen so they can be empowered and equipped to launch from your home confidently.

Hope you'll join us......see you in the group!

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