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A Pathway to Freedom

In our society, emotions are running high. We see a variety of expressions of emotions, mostly anger, hatred, cynicism, etc.......I can go on with the negative emotions that are being expressed, but you get the picture.

I'm afraid the presence of screens and the lure of power is eroding our civilization one word at a time. We've become a society that can no longer agree to disagree and must resort to name-calling, shaming, labeling, or canceling anything we disagree with.

I'd like to point out that this is not true freedom. One can only be free when it's attached to responsibility and love for others. A freedom that does what it wants, says what it wants without weighing the consequences, forces what it wants, and destroys anything that does not go in line with what it wants is not freedom. It is really just being a prisoner of your own perceptions of reality.

We all tell ourselves stories, we have history, we have values and beliefs that shape our worldview......it's the lens we see life and all things through. I'd like to propose that when we think we have all the answers, it is certain that we do not. It is certain that we are in slavery to our own perception.

So what's wrong with that you say? Well, when we are stuck in the prison of our perception, we are closed and locked out to any other possibilities to solve problems and manifest creativity. Our civilization is at a turning point. We need to be able to put aside the prison of our perceptions in order to creatively work together towards solutions to the huge problems we face as a nation.

Am I saying there is no right or wrong? Absolutely not!!!!! God forbid. What I am saying is that we need to hold our options, emotions, our perceptions loosely, and challenge all our thoughts and ideas. Only then will we be able to work together as a society and become thought leaders. Only then will we be able to connect dots and formulate creative solutions.

Until then, we are doomed to be hacked by all the drama and remain imprisoned in our own perceptual nightmare. You can become unhackable.

I'm passionate about helping Moms empower the next generation to be these types of people. To become Unhackable, creative, thought leaders who can see possibilities and not live in the limitations.

Imagine if your teen became an unhackable world changer!

Won't you join me in empowering the next generations to become unhackable? If so, Launching Unhackable teens in a Hacked World group is starting October 5th for Moms. The class size is limited to 12 and you can find my programs on https://www.LivingFullLifeCoaching.com

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