4 Lies You Love to Tell Yourself

Daily we tell ourselves stories! These stories hold us back from accomplishing the things we want to accomplish!

Got goals? Can't meet them? The problem is not your circumstances but your thoughts and feelings about your circumstances that hold you back from reaching them!

Daily we get to choose our thoughts and therefore choose our results. Let me explain.

✔️Let's say you are in a relationship and it's not going the way you want it to go. You may choose to think that it's not working because the other person is making you feel.........

Can I say, that this is a lie? Nobody gets to tell you how to feel. You get to choose how you feel. If you are allowing others to control your thoughts and emotions, then you are giving them way too much power in your life.

✔️Another lie that holds us back from reaching our goals is if only I had X,Y, or Z....then I can reach my goal.

If I had a bigger house, then I'd be more relaxed, because my family wouldn't be on top of me. Or you fill in the blank with whatever story you are telling yourself.

Can I say, that this is a lie? Even if our circumstances changed, we'd still be in them. That's right! Ever wonder why God keeps putting the same types of conflicts or people in your life over and over again? Chances are, it's because you've been believing the lie and haven't done the work on yourself.

God's patient, He'll keep providing opportunities for you to grow in the areas He thinks you need some improvement in!

✔️Another lie that holds us back from reaching our goals is that we are missing something. That we are not enough; we don't have enough, or we aren't doing enough. This lie shows up all the time!

This lie shows up for us as we try to take the next class, lesson, or buy the next thing we think is going to help us feel prepared. The fact is this: God has given us everything we need to do what He has called us to do. We just need to take the time and do the thought work that comes with the abiding, examining our thoughts against His truth, and bringing them into alignment.

Do we really think God calls us to something that He does not equip us to accomplish?

✔️The next lie that rears its ugly head is "I can't". I can't stop spending. I can't stop overeating. I can't stop.....you fill in the blank.