Confirmation Bias

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

What are you fearing as you head into 2020?

You see we all fear something. Fear is just a part of living. Our brains were designed to protect us from threats and danger. When we are faced with a threat, our bodies release hormones to move us to safety (whether physical or emotional).

The way our body responds is really a good thing; God is pretty smart like that!

The question is: how do our fears impact us?

When we face fear we can make one of two choices.

We either give into it and refuse move forward or we face it courageously and move into it!

When we give into our fears, we find excuses for not moving forward. Our brains are designed to look for evidence to support our fears! It's called confirmation bias.

Confirmation bias occurs whether what we are believing is truth or lies. WOWZA!

So the truth is; if we are believing a lie about ourselves or someone else, our brain is always busy trying to prove our belief to be true......even if what we are believing is a lie!!!!!

So what are some ways can get around the way this confirmation bias that often holds us back?

The first place we can begin is with God. Ask Him what He believes is truth? He will faithfully tell you and His Word was provided as evidence to fact check your brain. God wants us to put off lies and believe truth!

Secondly, we can approach the fear with curiosity and openness. Asking questions of our fears and looking for evidence to prove them wrong is also a fun exercise.

Thirdly, realizing that our thoughts always affect our emotions and actions, we can work to reframe what we are thinking. Looking at things from different perspectives is helpful. It increases empathy and compassion.

What other ways have you discovered to tackle your brain's confirmation bias?