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Anger boiling!

I loved this statement! It's so true!

As we approach the holidays, I'm sensing tension on the roads, in parking lots on lines in stores!

People are getting a bit tense out there!

Today, I'm sitting at a red light, waiting for it to turn green, and before it even turned green, this person was laying on the horn like it was NY city!

At first, I was self righteously angry!

It wasn't until I paused, bit my tongue and prayed that the anger subsided and I was able to see the truth.

Although I perceived that this person was being mean, I don't know what was going on with them.

Maybe their child had been rushed to the hospital?

Maybe they had just been fired from their job?

Maybe they just lost their spouse?

Suddenly, I felt myself have compassion for them and I was able to see the truth about my own reaction to the situation.

My anger was a symptom of rushing too much today.

It suddenly became clear that my internal angst was my problem, not this other persons problem!

I leave the situation thankful that I didn't let the water boil for too long.

How about you? When have your seen the effects of letting the water boil for too long?