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Resting in His Love

Promised Land Living

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We glorify God, by being contented in that state in which Providence has placed us. We give God the glory of his wisdom, when we rest satisfied with what he carves out to us.… A good Christian argues thus: It is God that has put me in this condition; he could have raised me higher, if he pleased, but that might have been a snare to me: he has done it in wisdom and love; therefore I will sit down satisfied with my condition.… Here, says God, is one after mine own heart; let me do what I will with him, I hear no murmuring, he is content.

- Jerry Bridges


Exciting News!

January 2020 I will be offering two groups!

Monday evenings 7:00pm- 9:00pm and Tuesday afternoons from 1:00pm-3:00pm..........

This is a community where there is complete authenticity without judgment! It is a no fixing zone, as we rely on God to be the Great Physician of the soul.

This is not a Bible study, not a book club, not a "one and done" teaching or about theory. It is personal. It is powerful. It is freeing. It is transformative. It is empowering. It is supernatural and YOU GET TO EXPERIENCE IT!

This is a 12 session transformational curriculum that leads participants through a process of dispelling myths, conquering lies, rediscovering truth, and operating in the vastness of God's courage zone.

It is possible to change and trust deeply on the Good Shepherd!

Come and discover the reality of resting in His Love!

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