Women in the Bible

I loved what Sharon Jaynes wrote today and wanted to share a piece of it.....

"✔️As I studied, I was struck by Jesus’ radical relationship with the women whose lives intersected with his during those thirty-three years he walked on this earth.

✔️He crossed man-made social, political, racial, and gender boundaries and addressed women with the respect due to co-image bearers of God.

✔️The God-made-man broke the man-made rules to set women free. Every time Jesus encountered a woman, he broke one of the societal rules of his day.

✔️Women were created as co-image bearers of God.

But between the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Gethsemane, a lot changed. By the time Jesus made his first cry in Bethlehem, women lived in the shadows.

For example:

If a woman committed adultery, her husband could kill her because she was his property.

Women were not allowed to speak to men in public. If she did, it was assumed she was having a relationship with the man and grounds for divorce.

A Rabbi did not speak to his own wife or daughter in public.

Rabbis woke each morning and said a little prayer: “Thank God I am neither a Gentile, woman nor slave.” How would you like that for a “Good morning, dear?”

Women were not allowed to: